Here at Print Inc. we offer a high standard bespoke embroidered clothing service, at extremely competitive and affordable prices.


What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a craft that dates back centuries. Contemporary embroidery utilises highly advanced machinery, which sews designs directly onto the garment. This process gives a long lasting appearance, and is suitable for most logos and text.

We are proud to state that we use the most cutting edge machines on the market, which in turn allows us to provide a professional finish on everything that we produce.


Why Embroidery?

With marketing and branding being at the forefront of every successful business, embroidery allows your logo to be seen plainly and easily. Couple this with the fact that embroidery is long-lasting, and that you can have multiple colours at no extra cost, it is the ideal solution to being able to advertise your business constantly, just by wearing your work clothes!

Is Embroidery Right For Me and my Business?

Even though embroidery is an excellent way to promote your business, there are a few things to take into consideration. Large logos can tend to be expensive due to the amount of stitches used, as opposed to vinyl, for example. There is also the potential for really small text to be difficult to read, and, there could potentially be issues if a graduated colour effect is required.  With that being said, we are here to work with you to brand your business.



How can I make my embroidery different?

Here at Print Inc. we know that it is important to make your branding stand out, that is why we offer 3D embroidery. 3D embroidery can transform any embroidery design with the third dimensional look it delivers. The technique allows the embroidery to have a raised surface, therefore is usually used on jackets, hats or accessories.