At Print Inc. We Offer a Variety of Printing Options and Services.



We are proud to offer many different techniques to get your design or artwork onto your garments in the most effective and eye catching way possible.

In order to achieve this we understand that every customer is unique, and that one size does not fit all. That is why we offer a a number of different ways to print your design on your clothing so that you get the maximum impact and best presentation out of your branding.

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DTG Printing

Direct to garment printing is a process of printing on textiles and garments using a specialized ‘inkjet style’ printer that are applied to the garment directly and are absorbed by the fibers.

Direct to garment printing represents great value because it can be set up quickly with quicker turnaround times than other types of garment printing.

Digital printing technologies are non-contact, meaning that media is printed on without hand contact, allowing for a more precise image. This prevents the image distortion that can take place in other types of printing.

Direct to garment printing is a fantastic way of getting great full colour designs on lighter fabrics ideal like those found in T-shirts.

Screen Printing

A screen is made of a piece of mesh stretched over a frame. A stencil is formed by blocking off parts of the screen in the negative image of the design to be printed; that is, the open spaces are where the ink will appear on the garment.

Before printing occurs, the frame and screen must undergo the pre-press process, so screen printing can take a little longer than Direct to Garment Printing, but the results are stunning, high quality and attractive.  At Print Inc., we often create multicoloured designs using a wet on wet technique, or colours dried while on the press, while graphic items are allowed to dry between colours that are then printed with another screen and often in a different colour after the product is re-aligned on the press.

Screen printing is more versatile than Direct to Garment Printing.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing gets you great results, resulting in a flexible and attractive design created when a sheet of polyurethane vinyl is cut to produce your design which is then heat applied to the garments.

Your artwork is sent in ‘mirror image’ format to the vinyl cutter.  This machine is like a large printer, but instead of using ink it uses a blade.

Once the image has been etched into the vinyl, the vinyl can then be removed from the cutter. The excess vinyl surrounding the image can be removed from the backing sheet, once this has removed you will be left with your design.

We then use a heat press to apply the design to your garment.  This innovative process is ideal for dark coloured t-shirts that show off the neatness and crisp edges of the vinyl design.


We have a wide variety of colours which will almost match any colour you require. We also have 30 different glitter flex for the Vinyl Print, perfect for those wanting to add a bit of glam to their garments.

If you are unsure what type of printing is best for you then simply contact us and we’ll advise you as to the best option for your garments.

We have a wide verity of colours, to suit each individual in all prints.