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Support Local with
#revivelocal campaign


The Corona pandemic has hit us all so hard, as families, as individuals, as communities and as businesses. 

Most small businesses have had to close their doors and wonder when they will be able to reopen and start trading again.

We know and understand this to well, and we want to do something to help other businesses!

So, we have decided to produce t-shirts for your favorite local shops, cafes, beauticians, hairdressers and other businesses with £10 of each sale going directly to business of your choice! 

Our pledge is to keep this running as long as possible!!!

Each sale will have a positive impact on an independent LOCAL business. Even though they may not be open you will be helping them to survive.

The more people know, the more people buy, the more businesses we can help.

How it works....

get in touch

Get in touch

Simply complete the form below and tell us about your business, including the business name & contact details. We will get in touch for more information and to get your signed up!

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Pick a design

Based on the information you provide us, we will send you 2 designs to chose from along with colour options. Pick which t shirts you would like to sell and we will get them live!

Tell everyone

Now the fun starts! Share Share Share! Tell everyone in your network! Share your link on all your social media, business network or other. The more who know the more will buy to support you.

We Print & Send

When the orders start coming in, we will do all the work! We will print your design and send direct to the customer. They will proudly wear your tshirt knowing they are supporting you

You get £££s

So all thats left is for you to receive your payment. We will send you £10 per sale of your tshirt... direct into your business account. It really is that simple. All payments will be made weekly.

Idea Print Inc

Why not give your supporters an offer for when you reopen?

As a thank you to your loyal following for buying a t-shirt, why not tell us of an offer you may want to give them for when you reopen?
For example, if your supporter comes into your business/ shop/ cafe/ bar, wearing their #revivelocal t-shirt with your business hashtag …. you can post an offer with us.. such as a % off their next purchase with you, or buy one get one free for example.
(This is only a suggestion and not stipulation of entering into this campaign.)


That’s right, no risk and no cost to you as the business owner.  All we need to get you set up are your details, your design choice and for you to share your t-shirt design far and wide! We will do the rest!

Not only is this risk free, you will also have;

– No need to outlay on stock

– No inventory to think about

Not only that! We believe you;

– WILL Raise Community Interaction

– WILL Raise Your Brand Awareness

– WILL make £10 for every sale made of your t-shirts

So whats left to do?… get in touch and tell us about your business


Here are some of the latest designs: